Bob Murray and the Ghosts of Ducks seasons past…Time is running out for the Sabres to turn things around…An unusual celebration of Lars Eller’s big night…Two more take-downs of Eric Francis’ infamous Kuznetsov column…Should there be an amnesty clause in the next CBA?…The farce that is all-star voting.

ANAHEIM CALLING: A look back at Ducks GM Bob Murray’s history leads to the conclusion the Ducks are screwed.

DIE BY THE BLADE: The clock is ticking on the Buffalo Sabres season. If they’re gonna turn things around, as they did around this time last season, now would be a good time.

PUCK DADDY: A sex toy was tossed onto the ice to celebrate Montreal Canadiens forward Lars Eller’s hat trick last night. Club Super Sexe in the house!

BACKHAND SHELF/JAPERS’ RINK: join pal Scotty Wazz in condemning Calgary Sun columnist Eric Francis for his petulant, jingoistic piece on young Russian star and Washington Capitals prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov following the Russians defeat of Team Canada at the WJC.

BLEACHER REPORT: Tom Urtz Jr. ponders the possibility of an amnesty clause in the next CBA, wondering if perhaps it might be a good idea to allow teams the opportunity each year to buy out a player whose performance doesn’t match his salary. I can see the league allowing a one-time-only amnesty for a team to buy out one player at the start of the next CBA, but not throughout the CBA itself.

DEADSPIN: Four Ottawa Senators were voted to the starting lineup of this year’s all-star game, held in (surprise!) Ottawa. Yes, it’s a farce, but then, so is the all-star game, so who cares?

DOWN GOES BROWN: The farce that is all-star voting throughout the years.