A collection of opinions on the NHLPA’s rejection of the NHL realignment plan…A review of the new movie, “Goon”…How NHL coaches utilize their players…Concussions are killing the NHL…Rick Nash should be traded…Rating the Canucks at mid-season…Other Montreal Canadiens fan complaints.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: James O’Brien with a nice compilation of Twitter reaction from some of the NHL mainstream media regarding the NHLPA’s rejection of the league’s realignment plan.

THE CANNON/TEN MINUTE MISCONDUCT: Opinion on how the PA’s rejection of the realignment plan affects the league in general, and the Blue Jackets in particular.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Jim Neveau believes the PA is playing “a dangerous game of chicken” with the NHL.

DEFENDING BIG D: Erin Bolen wonders, “Was it never really about realignment to being with”, suggesting the league orchestrated this situation as a “no-win” scenario for the PA.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Excellent analyses of the situation, particularly from Matt Wagner of The Cannon and Erin Bolen of Defending Big D.

BLUE SEAT BLOGS: A review of the new hockey movie, “Goon”.

ON THE FORECHECK:  A detailed examination of how NHL coaches utilize their players.

HOCKEY INDEPENDENT: B.D. Gallof on how concussions are killing hockey. Belated congrats on the gig with CBS New York.

ARMCHAIR HOCKEY: Jason Chen believes the Blue Jackets should trade Rick Nash.

CANUCKS ARMY: Rating the Vancouver Canucks at midseason.

DOWN GOES BROWN: Montreal Canadiens fans have other complaints besides the language their coach speaks. Like the fact Scott Gomez has fewer goals than Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward.