The NHL Week in Review…Bobby Holik examines the Red Wings success…Should Scott Howson be allowed to rebuild the Blue Jackets?…Why some teams in the Rick Nash derby don’t need him…Why Nash won’t be coming to the Canucks…Why the Flames should take Jeff Carter over Rick Nash…What makes Kubina expendable for the Lightning?…A Canadiens fan’s trade deadline wish list…Two views on the NHL potentially returning to Seattle…A counterpoint to the claim of obstruction on the rise…An NHL agent recalls the time Glen Sather punched him…Some idiots vandalize a Vancouver-area church once attended by Milan Lucic.

GRANTLAND.COM: Katie Baker’s NHL Week in Review, including a reminder the Detroit Red Wings record achievement of 21 consecutive home victories is less about comparing them to the two teams which previously held the record, and more about what a terrific franchise they are. Class of the league, folks.

Former NHL'er Holik offers up his take on the Red Wings.

HOLIK ON HOCKEY: Bobby Holik (yes, the Bobby Holik) examines the success of the Red Wings, comparing them to his former team, the New Jersey Devils. See, even Holik agrees with me!

BACKHAND SHELF: Chris Lund asks, “Should Scott Howson be allowed to trade Rick Nash and dismantle the Blue Jackets?” No, he shouldn’t, but Jackets ownership believe otherwise.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski examines several teams listed in the Rick Nash derby who don’t need him, which would be “most of them”.

CANUCKS CORNER: Tom Benjamin explains why the Vancouver Canucks don’t need Rick Nash.

MATCHSTICKS AND GASOLINE: Why it would be better to deal for Jeff Carter than Rick Nash. Well, if you’re the Calgary Flames, one reason is Carter lacks a movement clause and thus has no say where he could be dealt.

RAW CHARGE: John Fontana examines what makes Lightning defenseman Pavel Kubina expendable. The fact the Bolts failed to gain ground in the standings in recent weeks would be a good reason.

LIONS IN WINTER: One Canadiens fan’s trade deadline “wish list”, which is quite sensible, containing no silly fantasy trades in which the Canadiens turns Scott Gomez into Jeff Carter or Vincent Lecavalier. The return today from the Predators in the Hal Gill trade begins to address that listed need to bolster the depth on the farm team.

RAW CHARGE/THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Cassie McClellan and Scotty Wazz offer up their views on the possible return of the NHL to Seattle after almost one hundred years.

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: “SkinnyFish” offers up a thoughtful, detailed counterpoint (the abrasive, eye-catching title aside) to the argument of obstruction creeping back into the NHL game.

AGENTS OF CHANGE: Ritch Winter remembers the time then-Edmonton Oilers GM Glen Sather punched him – twice – in the chest. No word if Slats’ trademark stogie was damaged as a result.

CANUCKS ARMY: Some dingbats in Burnaby vandalized the church Milan Lucic used to attend when he was growing up there. Don’t interpret this as representative of Canucks fans, folks. Here’s hoping they catch the bastards and put ’em in jail.