The impact of deadline trades upon players…Doug Murray’s broken throat…Jack Johnson talks about trade rumors…Breaking down the Steve Ott trade rumors…Other possible trade chips for the Lightning…The Jets have landed smoothly in Winnipeg.

PUCK DADDY: “The Player” looks at the impact a trade, especially those on deadline day, can have upon players. We hockey fans forget that the players are human beings, and the emotional impact these moves can have, not only upon them, but also their families.

BACKHAND SHELF: Jo Innes explains in detail Doug Murray’s throat injury. Yes, kids, you really can break your Adam’s apple. Throat guards, anyone?

MAYOR’S MANOR: An interview with LA Kings defenseman Jack Johnson, who discusses the trade rumors swirling about he and his teammates.

DEFENDING BIG D: Brandon Worley examines the trade rumors about gritty Stars forward Steve Ott, expressing his doubts Ott will be moved.

RAW CHARGE: John Fontana looks at other Lightning players who could be on the move by the deadline. None of them are named Steven Stamkos, Martin St. Louis, Vincent Lecavalier or Victor Hedman.

RED LIGHT DISTRICT HOCKEY BLOG: Dan Berlin on the Jets smooth landing this season in Winnipeg.