Listing reasons for Zach Parise to land this summer with the Minnesota Wild…Much ado about the Blackhawks goaltending…Looks like another second-half collapse for the Avalanche…How to fix the Columbus Blue Jackets…Too many NHL teams are losing money…Defending Alain Vigneault…Absurd Goalie Monday…How does an NHL fan watch the Super Bowl?

FIRST ROUND BUST: A list of reasons why Zach Parise would be a good fit with the Minnesota Wild, except they’re missing what could be the key one: Parise’s stated desire to play for a Stanley Cup contender. That’s the only hindrance, well, that and outbidding the Detroit Red Wings.

Get used to this tandem the rest of the season, Blackhawks fans!

CHEER THE ANTHEM: Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman won’t pursue a goaltender, so Blackhawks fans should stop grumbling about that, and hope Bowman can land a top-four defenseman at the trade deadline.

MILE HIGH HOCKEY: Looks like the Colorado Avalanche could be poised for another second half collapse which dooms their playoff hopes. If that happens, coach Joe Sacco could be a goner, and GM Greg Sherman could be on thin ice.

THE SPORTS BANK: Blue Jackets fan Ed Cmar offers up what he’d do if he were GM to fix the team, including daring to consider trading Rick Nash.

THE CHECKING LINE: John O’Hara reports the NHL’s real problem is operating income, noting 18 of the 30 teams lost money last season, including Washington and Pittsburgh. Definitely worth reading if you’re concerned about how that could affect the upcoming CBA talks.

CANUCKS CORNER: Tom Benjamin defends Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault, who continues to do a fine job with the Canucks.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz presents another edition of “Absurd Goalie Monday”. This week: Gord McRae. Hey, I’ve got that hockey card!

DOWN GOES AVERY: How does a hockey fan watch the Super Bowl? If you’re like me, you did it in passing while reading, surfing the net, and snoozing through the Half Time “Madonnapalooza”.