The latest collection of Rick Nash trade speculation. Enjoy!

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Bob Hunter questions the Blue Jackets decision to field offers for Nash, correctly pointing out the return most likely won’t be equal to Nash’s value as a star player. He points out the Blue Jackets don’t exactly have the best record with promising young players, prospects or draft picks.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance reports the LA Kings are looking to add a scoring winger,believing Nash could be the best fit, and suggested goalie Jonathan Bernier and defenseman Jack Johnson might be needed as the return to pry Nash away from the Blue Jackets.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke wants to acquire Rick Nash, though it could prove difficult to do. Simmons believes “the Leafs have to take a run at Nash, difficult as it may be. Even if it costs them depth or (Phil) Kessel”.

CSNPHILLY.COM: reports the Flyers are not among the teams believed to be on Nash’s list of preferred trade destinations. “The Bruins, Kings, Rangers, Sharks and Maple Leafs are the teams Nash would reportedly waive his no movement clause to accept a trade offer from.”

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the Rangers cannot afford a rash decision on Nash. Setting aside concerns over the impact upon team chemistry, Brooks points out adding Nash’s $7.8 million per season salary would not only have an adverse effect upon retaining key Rangers like Lundqvist, Callahan, Gaborik, McDonagh, Del Zotto and Stepan, but would also take them out of the bidding for potential UFAs like Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Jordan Staal in 2013.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hunter makes excellent points. Now, if Nash had been the one demanding a trade, the Jackets would have little choice but to try to get the best deal they can, because it’s being forced upon them. That’s not the case here. While I understand they want to examine all their options, I believe this is a hasty move on their part. If Nash wants to stay and be part of the solution, then rebuild around him. Trades in which a team deals away a star player for a big return almost always work in favor of the team getting the star player. The Blue Jackets are taking a big gamble if they move him, hoping to beat the odds and land a return which, over time, will work in their favor.

Nash is a tantalizing name out there, but he does come with risk, as the return required to land him could adversely effect team chemistry, and eat up a considerable chunk of cap space for several years, which would be a serious problem for teams like the Rangers, which already have a large amount of cap space invested in a handful of players. Getting him may help your club, but it’s not a slam dunk he’ll turn them into champions.

Finally, to the four readers who e-mailed me to complain about all the Rick Nash coverage on this site, one of the reasons why I put the Nash rumors in separate posts is for folks who don’t wish to read about him can skip those posts and go on to other things. That way, your precious eyeballs won’t melt from reading too much Nash news. Also, do I really have to point out that this is a trade rumor section, and Nash is the biggest name available right now? What do you expect me to do, simply mention in passing that he’s available and some teams have interest? Besides, once the trade deadline is over on February 27th, this will be over, one way or the other.