Yes, we’ve made another change to the look of this site, as we once again continue to make it more user-friendly.

If there’s one constant in the universe, it’s change. And after two years with the same design, we’ve made a change in the template for Spector’s Hockey to make it easier for our readers to navigate the site.

On the main page, we’ve made the menu bar easier to read, reducing the cramped feel it previously had, which had resulted in shortening the name of some of the links. Now, all the links, especially those to my Hockey News column and The Face Off Hockey Show, appear in full, rather than abbreviations.

We’ve added larger links to the Canadian Corner, Hockey Blog Beat and the Soapbox.  While we realize trade and free agent rumors remain the primary reason most of you visit this site, we wanted to highlight some of the new features we added last year. Don’t worry, the rumors haven’t gone away, they’re still on the menu bar, along with the News link, which takes you to the day’s morning headlines and any notable breaking news.

The ads, which are necessary to keep this site going, are still there, but we’ve reduced how many appear on the site, and tweaked their location.

Near the bottom left of the main page, under the skyscraper and rectangle ads, you’ll find a “search” feature to aid in any specific search you wish to make on the site. We’ve also provided a list of site categories, as well as a blogroll listing of those who share the same advertiser as we do.

All the most recent posts can be found at the bottom left side, and we’ve added a “tag cloud” on the bottom right hand side.

When you visit the Rumors, News, Canadian Corner, Blog Beat and The Soapbox, you’ll find links to not only that day’s update, but also those of the previous five days, which should make it easier and faster to check out the latest posts in those categories. Clicking on either that day’s headline or the “Read Full Article” link will take you to the full article.

We’ve also added a feature near the top of each article, which allows you to move on to read the rest of the day’s site update.

As with our previous template, you are allowed to post comments on each update. If you’re a new user, there will be a delay until your first comment is approved, after which there will be no delay in your future comment posts. I ask that you keep your comments clean and respect your fellow posters.

Each post also has a Twitter, Google and Facebook buttons. There are also Twitter, Facebook and RSS feed icons at the top of the page, on the right hand side of the site banner.

As we’ve made several changes to the site over the years, I understand that change can be unsettling for some, but understand we’ve made them to give the site a professional look and feel, as well as make it easier for our readers to navigate. As always, I welcome and encourage your feedback. Let us know what you think.