Why the Maple Leafs decline isn’t a surprise, why fans do what they do, the loser point is fraudulent, challenging the perception the Canucks are desperate for a second line, what to do about Milan Hejduk, Joffrey Lupul has always played well, a look at the performance of ageing players, European fans appear more energetic than North American fans, and the night Gump Worsley was knocked out of a game by an egg.

PUCK DADDY: Ryan Lambert isn’t surprised the Toronto Maple Leafs are faltering this season.

BACKHAND SHELF: Ellen Etchingham reveals a dirty little secret about fandom: what we do has no impact upon a team’s on-ice fortunes.

OIL ON WHYTE: Ian Wood reveals the fraudulent farce that is the NHL’s “loser point”.

CANUCKS CORNER: Tom Benjamin dismisses the notion the Canucks are “desperate” for a good second line.

Is Milan Hejduk's career nearing an end?

MILE HIGH HOCKEY: Cole D. Hamilton muses on what the Colorado Avalanche should do with a fading Milan Hejduk.

HOCKEY ANALYSIS: David Johnson reveals Joffrey Lupul has always been as good as he’s been this season.

SBNATION: Eric Tulsky examines the production of aging NHL players.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz compares the energy of European hockey fans compared to the more subdued in North America.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: The night Hall of Fame goaltender Gump Worsley was knocked out of a game by an egg thrown by a fan.