How Ryan Miller regained his form…A compilation of some of the worst “no-goals” in recent NHL history…Is Ron MacLean too agenda-driven?…Can the Red Wings regain their mojo?…Should the Devils forfeit their first round pick?…What should the Oilers do with their first round pick?…The best hitters among NHL defensemen…JFJ vs Mad Mike…Settling the “Gretzky vs Lemieux” debate…A hockey fan’s guide to Wrestlemania.


Miller's the man again in Buffalo.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski examines why Ryan Miller’s performance has rebounded over the second half, carrying the Buffalo Sabres into playoff contention.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne with a video compilation of some of the worst “no-goal” calls in recent years. No, Sabres fans, your infamous “No-Goal” isn’t on this particular list.

PUCK THE MEDIA: Steve Lepore wonders if Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean is becoming too agenda-driven in recent years. I believe he has.

THE SPORTS BANK.NET: Ed Cmar looks at whether or not the Detroit Red Wings can reclaim their mojo. If they can get healthier, I wouldn’t rule it out.

IN LOU WE TRUST: Kevin Sellathamby suggests the New Jersey Devils should forfeit this year’s draft pick (they have to forfeit one as part of the penalty for attempting to circumvent the salary cap when they initially signed Ilya Kovalchuk), citing as one reason this year’s pick won’t be as high in the draft as last year’s. Not a bad idea.

THE CANNON: Mike MacLean looks at the potential decisions facing the Columbus Blue Jackets with their first round pick.

ARCTIC ICE HOCKEY: An examination of the best hitters among NHL defensemen.

THE COPPER & BLUE: They’ve been running a “not-so-sweet 16” comparing some of the NHL’s worst general managers. Today, it’s John Ferguson Jr (JFJ) against Mike (Mad Mike) Milbury. My vote goes to Milbury, who had a plethora of terrific young talent to rebuild the Islanders with, and squandered much of it in one dumb move after another.

OPENING FACEOFF: Justin Halbersma lays the “Lemieux vs Gretzky” debate to rest.

DOWN GOES BROWN: presents “A Hockey Fan’s Guide to Wrestlemania”. Here’s a taste:

Wrestlemania: The athletes can often be heard using catchphrases such as “Do you smell what The Rock is cooking” and “I am the Ayatollah of Rock-and-rollah”.
NHL: The athletes can often be heard using catchphrases such as “We just have to take it one game at a time” and “Like I said, we just have to take it one game at a time”.