Another theory about what’s wrong with Alexander Ovechkin…An interview with Anze Kopitar…Concern over Dan Girardi…A call for the Blues not to build like the Blackhawks…The Sharks path to the playoffs runs through the Pacific Division…Why the Leafs had to re-sign Mikhail Grabovski…Another no-show performance by Rene Bourque…The top ten prospects outside the NHL.


Does Ovechkin need to learn leadership?

HOLIK ON HOCKEY: Bobby Holik offers up his opinion on what’s wrong with Washington’s Alexander Ovechkin, suggesting the Capitals captain hasn’t figure out how to be a leader yet. Hey, it’s as good a theory as any.

RED LIGHT DISTRICT HOCKEY BLOG: Ryan Porth interviewed LA Kings forward Anze Kopitar, getting his views on the addition of Jeff Carter to the Kings lineup, the play of goalie Jonathan Quick, and more.

BLUESHIRT BANTER: Joe Fortunato wonders if Rangers blueline stalwart Dan Girardi is starting to wear down. If he is, that could have serious consequences to their playoff performance.

ST. LOUIS GAME TIME: Hoping the Blues build for the long haul and not for the short-term. That’ll depend on how much the new ownership will be willing to spend on payroll.

FEAR THE FIN: “Mr. Plank” points out the struggling Sharks playoff hopes run through the Pacific Division.

MAPLE LEAFS HOT STOVE: Anthony Petrielli explains why the Maple Leafs had no choice but to re-sign Mikhail Grabovski. Sadly, this rationale will fall on mostly deaf ears and closed minds, since all most Leafs fans see is how much they paid to re-sign him.

HABS IN DEPTH: Gary Brideau points out Canadiens forward Rene Bourque had another disappointing performance, this time against the Calgary Flames, his former team. Great, another overpaid underachiever on the Habs roster. That bodes well for the future.

BLOG DUDES: Steven Todd Ives looks at this year’s top ten prospects.