Is a major rebuild finally coming for the Flames? Will Scott Hannan be part of it? What’s the Jets most pressing need, and which team should they follow as a example?

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun recently spoke to a Calgary Flames source, who told him there’s “no appetite” for a major rebuild akin to that of the Edmonton Oilers, but changes will be coming this summer. LeBrun believes management needs to meet with Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff this summer to determine if they want to stay and be part of the retooling.

CALGARY SUN: Steve MacFarlane reports a number of Flames players are playing for contracts, including forwards Blake Comeau and Lee Stempniak.

Does Hannan have a future in Calgary?

CALGARY HERALD: Kristen Odlund recently reports Flames defenseman Scott Hannan, who’s an unrestricted free agent this summer, wonders where he fits in the club’s future plans.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A “retooling” suggests something like the Ottawa Senators did last summer, but the difference is the Senators had plenty of promising talent in their system, while the Flames, for the most part, do not. They need an overhaul, and management is kidding itself if they believe they can “retool” and still retain Iginla and Kiprusoff, who remain their two best trade chips, who could fetch good returns to help them with the significant rebuild they desperately need. Maybe Feaster can wheel and deal and bring in the players he needs without having to part with Iginla and/or Kiprusoff, but I doubt it. The pair could make Feaster’s job easier by requesting to be dealt, but it seems they’re reluctant to do that.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless reports the Jets most pressing need is to bring in a first line center.

WINNIPEG SUN: Kirk Penton advocates the Jets follow the example of the Florida Panthers, who rebuilt last summer primarily through trades and free agency, though not to the extreme of the Panthers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The vibe from the Jets front office is they won’t deviate from their plan of rebuilding primarily via the draft and player development, which suggests they won’t make a big splash via free agency or trades this summer. We shouldn’t fully dismiss the possibility, but I get the sense their front office isn’t going to spend any more than they have to. They won’t find a first line center via free agency, but do have some promising young talent they could perhaps parlay into one via trade, provided they wish to go that route.