Three takes on Sidney Crosby’s recent meltdown, lack of depth hurting the Capitals, Dustin Brown silences his critics, state of the Leafs defense and goaltending, reasons for the Oilers to keep, or trade, the first overall pick, a look at two possible choices for the Blue Jackets captaincy, and an inside look at Gary Bettman’s playoff pool draft.


What's behind Crosby's recent meltdown?

BACKHAND SHELF/PUCK DADDY/RAW CHARGE: Justin Bourne is disappointed with Sidney Crosby’s lack of leadership and his ill-timed antics in the Penguins- Flyers series, Greg Wyshynski on how Don Cherry – who used to chastise Sidney Crosby for taking stupid penalties – now loves him for, well, taking stupid penalties, and Cassie McClellan posits the theory Crosby’s concussion issues could be behind his recent short fuse.

ON FROZEN BLOG: Lack of depth at center and the blueline is hurting the Capitals.

FROZEN ROYALTY: Everyone who felt LA Kings forward Dustin Brown wasn’t a good captain and should be traded don’t have much to say lately, thanks to Brown’s stellar performance against the Vancouver Canucks.

HOCKEY ANALYSIS: David Johnson continues his analysis of the Maple Leafs. Today, he turns his focus toward the defense and the goaltending.

RED LIGHT DISTRICT HOCKEY BLOG: Ryan Porth on what the Edmonton Oilers should retain the first overall pick, and why they should trade it.

THE CANNON: “Dan P.” looks at Jack Johnson and James Wisniewski as the future of the Blue Jackets leadership once Rick Nash is dealt away this summer.

DOWN GOES BROWN: presents an inside look at NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s playoff pool draft. The results will shock you!