Looking at potential changes for the Sharks, more commentary on the Torres suspension, why the Devils are down 3-2 to the Panthers, and celebrating the backup goalies in this year’s playoffs.


Changes coming for Sharks this summer?

FEAR THE FIN: “Mr. Plank” on the reasons the San Jose Sharks lost game five, and the series, to the St. Louis Blues.

NBC PRO HOCKEY TALK/PUCK DADDY: James O’Brien and Greg Wyshynski wonder if changes could be coming to the Sharks roster in the off-season. Possibly, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a coaching change over any significant roster moves.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier believes the Raffi Torres suspension was too long.

ARMCHAIR HOCKEY: Jason Chen wonders who will be the NHL’s next pet project to crack down on head shots. Betcha it won’t be a star player.

IN LOU WE TRUST: John Fischer believes the New Jersey Devils have put themselves on the brink of elimination in their 3-0 loss on Saturday to the Florida Panthers.

GRANTLAND.COM: Katie Baker recently celebrated the performance of back up goalies thus far in this year’s playoffs.