Mike Milbury puts his foot in his mouth again, this time regarding Sidney Crosby, a look at what to expect next season from the Islanders, who are also whitewashing Pat Lafontaine from their history, grading the experts regular season predictions, five games the Avs could regret losing, ten Games the Capitals could regret losing, the career of Maple Leafs legend Dave Keon, the application for the vacant Canadiens GM job, and a very special Maple Leafs version of “Hinterland Who’s Who”.

PUCK DADDY/THE HOCKEY WRITERS: NBC hockey analyst Mike Milburycontinues to struggle with foot in mouth disease; in this case, insulting Penguins star Sidney Crosby. Milbury is the poor man’s Don Cherry, who’s only on TV because his outrageous comments generate ratings for the network, as well as the added publicity when his comments spark pundit and blogger outrage. Mission accomplished!

CBS NEW YORK: B.D. Gallof examines the bad and the ugly of the Islanders season, and what to expect for next season. He’s not optimistic over significant improvement.

Why are the Islanders ignoring Lafontaine's legacy?

DEADSPIN: Dom Cosentino on how the Islanders front office are whitewashing former Isles great Pat Lafontaine from their history.  Apparently, it’s tied to Lafontaine disagreeing with the direction of the team when he was part of the front office. Nice to see owner Charles Wang doesn’t bear a grudge all these years later.

BACKHAND SHELF: Daniel Wagner grades the experts’ regular season predictions. Everyone gets a passing grade, but a “C” average is nothing to brag about. Just goes to show the difficulty in predicting the outcome of an 82-game season, stretching from October to April. That the experts got the average they did is commendable.

MILE HIGH HOCKEY: Cole D. Hamilton on the five game the Avalanche could regret losing this season if they miss the playoffs.

JAPERS’ RINK: The Ten games the Washington Capitals will regret losing if they miss the playoffs.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier looks at the career of Maple Leafs legend Dave Keon.

DOWN GOES BROWN: The Montreal Canadiens application form for the vacant GM job.

YOUTUBE: Hinterland Who’s Who – Leafs Fans. Not a blog, but damn funny. Even Leafs fans will enjoy it…OK, those with a healthy sense of humor will enjoy it…