Why the Blues are struggling, and five ways to fix it, wondering what the Jets will be the same next season, coaches who call for supplementary discipline are no better than fans calling for a penalty, the Panthers bright future, what happened to the Avalanche’s season, and which teams (Canucks or Senators) is “Canada’s team” in the post-season.


Why are the Blues struggling late in the season?

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Jeff Ponder believes a big reason for the St. Louis Blues’ late season struggles is because the role players have been taken out of the game in favor of offensive players.

ST. LOUIS GAME TIME: “averagejoe” offers up five ways to get the Blues back on track, which includes icing a real fourth line, and keeping the offensive forwards in the top nine spots.

PUCK DADDY: Harrison Mooney wonders if things will be different for the Winnipeg Jets next season as the honeymoon season for the team is over. Things could be different if the club doesn’t show any significant improvement next season. This seasons, Winnipeg fans were thrilled to have a team back. They could’ve gone 0-82-0 this season and the fans still would’ve cheered them to the hilt. Next season, however, they’ll want to see improvement, a real sign they’re building toward playoff contentions. Another uneven season like this one, and the bloom could be off the rose.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne believes coaches who beg for supplemental discipline are as bad as fans who yell for a penalty during the game. It has about the same effect, except sometimes the coach’s wallet gets lightened by several thousand dollars if they’re not careful what they say. Isn’t that right, John Tortorella and Tom Renney?

LITTER BOX CATS: Ryan Meier believes the future will only get brighter for the Florida Panthers. I certainly hope so, as it would be crushing for this season to be merely a blip, and they return to the moribund ways.

MILE HIGH HOCKEY: David Driscoll-Carignan looks at what happened to the Colorado Avalanche over their final games of the season.

DOWN GOES BROWN: Which club is “Canada’s Team” this spring? The Vancouver Canucks or Ottawa Senators?  Can we fast-forward to next spring, when hopefully there will be more choices?