The effect of the Richards, Carter trades on the Kings and Flyers, the Kings twin Dustins talks playoffs, Predators face an uncertain future, another dismissal of “The Dead Puck Era 2”, Why the Stars hired Bob Gainey as a consultant, the NY Post jumps the gun calling the outcome of Game 6 between Rangers and Capitals, and a fun off-season game for those of you with no teams left to cheer for in this year’s playoffs.


Richards and Carter helped the Kings and Flyers.

BACKHAND SHELF: Chris Lund examines how the LA Kings acquisitions of Mike Richards and Jeff Carter benefited not only the Kings, but also Richards and Carter’s former team, the Philadelphia Flyers.

HOCKEY INDEPENDENT: The Kings two Dustins – Brown and Penner – talk about their team’s remarkable playoff run so far.

HOCKEY NIGHT IN NASHVILLE: Robby Stanley examine the uncertain future of the Predators current roster.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski dismisses the notion the low-scoring games in this year’s playoffs and the amount of shot-blocking will lead to another Dead Puck Era.

DEFENDING BIG D: Brandon Worley on why the Stars brought back former GM Bob Gainey as a consultant.

RUSSIAN MACHINE NEVER BREAKS: highlights how today’s edition of the New York Post prematurely reported the Rangers had eliminated the Washington Capitals in six games. Hockey’s version of “Dewey defeats Truman!

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: A fun off-season game for those of us with no team to cheer for in this year’s playoffs: build your fantasy dream team under the constraints of the NHL salary cap.