How the Devils can beat Henrik Lundqvist, Rick Nash leaving Columbus not necessarily a bad thing, analysis of the Flyers coaching system, and more!

IN LOU WE TRUST: John Fischer on what the Devils can learn from the Senators and Capitals on how to beat NY Rangers’ goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

Trading Nash might not be a bad thing for Blue Jackets.

FIRE THAT CANNON: Is Rick Nash leaving Columbus really that bad? Not if they get a quality return, like a top starting goalie, for him.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Charlie Crespo suggests the Florida Panthers consider signing Alexander Semin. Remains to be seen if Panthers GM Dale Tallon takes the advice.

BROAD STREET HOCKEY: Geoff Detweiler on the system of Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette and what, if anything, needs to change.

HOLIK ON HOCKEY: Bobby Holik muses about shot-blocking and ice quality.

THE LEAFS NATION: Danny Gray on why general managers overpay for bottom six players.