The NHL week in review, concern over the next CBA, Colby Armstrong’s future with the Leafs, and more.

GRANTLAND.COM: Katie Baker with her weekly roundup of the most notable NHL news, including the supposed shot-blocking “pandemic”.

BLADES OF TEAL: Andy Germond muses on the potential impact of the next NHL CBA.

DEFENDING BIG D: Brad Gardner with an update on the Stars contract negotiations with Jamie Benn.

MATCHSTICKS AND GASOLINE: Mitch Smith notes the Calgary Flames are at a crossroads and ponders what direction management will take.

Should the Leafs part ways with Armstrong?

HOCKEY ANALYSIS: David Johnson asks, “Should Leafs give up on (Colby) Armstrong?”

VINTAGE LEAFS MEMORIES: Michael Langlois notes the success of the Maple Leaf farm team doesn’t guarantee success for the big club, but it should help.

PUCK DADDY: Harrison Mooney with the top five “hockey hugs” of the past two weeks. I think the comments for the top one were lifted from The Beatles “I Am The Walrus”, but the one for the second best is sheer genius!

AWFUL ANNOUNCING: An obnoxious ESPN radio blowhard insults the hockey media whilst simultaneously demonstrating his complete ignorance of hockey pundits in particular, and the game in general.