Torres and NHLPA to appear his suspension, dating habits of Canadians during the playoffs, how playing without your best player affects a team, questioning the Canucks handling of Alain Vigneault’s status, a look at what the Red Wings must fix, fewer Europeans are coming to the NHL, wondering where Blues fans are emotionally right now, and some of the best pranks and jokes of Marc Bergevin.

Torres to appeal 25-game suspension.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski on why it’s right for Raffi Torres and the NHLPA to appeal his suspension, and examines a study which finds – shock of shocks! – the dating habits of Canadians are adversely affected by the NHL playoffs. I’m more shocked someone actually wasted good money conducting such a study!

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne examines how losing your best player can affect a team.

CANUCKS CORNER: Tom Benjamin not only doesn’t believe the Canucks should fire Alain Vigneault (whom he rightly calls the best coach in Canucks history), but doesn’t deserved to have his fate left undecided until GM Mike Gillis consults with the team’s owner. I agree. If Gillis wants Vigneault back, it should be his call, not the owner’s.

RED LIGHT DISTRICT HOCKEY BLOG: A look at what the Detroit Red Wings need to fix.

PUCK DRUNK LOVE: David Rogers on the troubling decline in the numbers of European players in the NHL, and the reasons behind this trend. Yes, the KHL is certainly a factor, especially for Russian players. The xenophobes among North American fans won’t care, but an NHL without the very best players from around the world is a lesser league.

ST. LOUIS GAME TIME: Heading into Game Three against the Kings, facing a “must-win” scenario, Brad Lee looks at where Blues fans may be emotionally right now. And if the Blues lose tonight and fall behind 0-3, deeply pessimistic will be the overall consensus.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier looks at the best pranks and one-liners from the playing days of new Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin.