Oilers part ways with Tom Renney

Various sources earlier today reported the Edmonton Oilers have decided not to re-sign head coach Tom Renney to a new contract. In his two seasons behind the Oilers bench the club failed to make the playoffs, finishing dead last in the overall standings in 2010-11, and second last in 2011-12.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I understand the Oilers decision to consider a coaching change, and it is management’s right to decide when they wanted to make this announcement. Still,  they left Renney twisting in the wind on this. The regular season ended over a month ago, and if the intent was to replace him, it should’ve been done soon after season’s end, rather than dragging it out and creating an air of uncertainty. The argument will be made that management didn’t want to let him go until they had a suitable replacement lined up, but they’ve got months to find one, so why not simply let Renney go earlier and get on with the process? This isn’t exactly a good way to improvement the image of the Oilers front office among the fan base, providing more fodder for critics.