Favorite moments from the Kings Cup parade, best plays of the post-season, an open letter to the NHL and NHLPA, buying the perfect stick, and more.

PUCK DADDY: Harrison Mooney highlights the six favorite moments from the LA Kings Stanley Cup parade, including Jonathan Quick’s expletive filled tribute to his teammates.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne with the ten best plays of the 2012 post-season, while Ellen Etchingham goes in pursuit of the perfect stick.

Is another NHL lockout avoidable?

RAW CHARGE: John Fontana with an open letter to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA director Donald Fehr, expressing his hope the two can work out a new CBA without another work stoppage.

IN LOU WE TRUST: John Fischer on how much might be too much for the New Jersey Devils to re-sign Zach Parise.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Matt Nestor explains why trading Mike Richards and Jeff Carter wasn’t a bad thing for the Philadelphia Flyers. IMO, only if the deals ultimately result in a Stanley Cup in the next few years.

FLYERS FAITHFUL: Kevin Christmann on the Flyers cap space and what they could do with it this summer.

HOCKEYFANLAND: Landon Ewaniuk on why Adam Oates should become the new head coach of the Washington Capitals.