End of a loyalty legacy, the Peter Principle is alive and well in the NHL, Sean Avery’s retirement, mocking players on Twitter, spotting fake jerseys, a farewell to Alexander Semin, and more.


Is Doan among last of a dying breed of NHL player?

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz on the possibility of Martin Brodeur and Shane Doan leaving their long-time NHL teams.

HOCKEY RANTS: Jez Golbez returns (however briefly) to remind us the Peter Principle is alive and well in the NHL. Golbez’s opinions have been missed around the NHL blogosphere. Here’s hoping he returns to hockey blogging a little more frequently.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Ross Bonander bemoans the imminent retirement of Sean Avery, seeing it as the NHL losing an iconoclast.

 JIBBLESCRIBBETS: How Twitter is making it more difficult on pro athletes to avoid personal criticism.

LEAFS HQ: An informative guide on spotting fake NHL jerseys.

RUSSIAN MACHINE NEVER BREAKS: Peter Hassett bids farewell to Alexander Semin.

DOWN GOES BROWN: A not-so-serious 2012 NHL free agent preview.

 DIRTY DANGLE: A more serious look (even though the photos aren’t) at this summer’s UFA market.