The top ten American-born NHL’ers today, commentary on the CBA negotiations, pining for the return of one-year contracts, comparing Semin with Parise, Oilers face the “second contract question” with Eberle and Hall, and more.


Kessel among the NHL’s current top 10 American players.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Michael Rappaport lists the ten best American-born players currently in the NHL. Some might quibble over the placement of the ten names on the list (I won’t), but I doubt anyone can argue against any of them being on that list.

CANUCKS CORNER: Tom Benjamin believes the real question in this year’s CBA negotiations is how the NHLPA intends to address the league’s attempt to once again reduce their share of revenue. That, folks is the true sticking point. If the league insists on a 50-50 split and rejects the PA’s call for improved revenue sharing, this could get ugly.

VINTAGE LEAF MEMORIES: Michael Langlois would love to see the NHL go back to “one-year contracts” for everyone, as it was in the original six years. Sorry, Michael, but that ship has sailed. Long term deals for star players are the norm. Perhaps the league might cap the term at, say, five years, but the PA will never stand for one-year deals for all their clients. Besides, even if that were implemented, I bet a crafty GM would find a way around it somehow.

HOCKEY BUZZ: Todd Cordell compares Alexander Semin’s stats to those of Zach Parise, and reaches an interesting conclusion.

THE COPPER AND BLUE: For the first time under the salary cap, the Edmonton Oilers face re-signing two potential superstars (Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall) to their second contracts, raising questions over how much they should be paid, and for how long.

McSORLEY’S STICK: Ken Campbell of The Hockey News succeeds in irritating a King’s fan.

PUCK DADDY: The NHL has new merchandise: melting hockey logo shirts. Pass or fail, kids?

BACKHAND SHELF: It’s time to play: “Name That Draft Bust!” Your contestants: Scotty Wazz of the Face Off Hockey Show, Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy, and Mike Halford of Pro Hockey Talk. Let battle commence!