Arbitration explained, debunking the myth of “runaway salaries”, five reasons the Islanders future is in Brooklyn, catching up with former Avalanche enforcer Scott Parker, a humorous look at the NHL owners “other” CBA demands, and Dustin Penner smacks down Conan O’Brien.

BACKHAND SHELF: With the NHL salary arbitration period set to begin on Friday, Derek Marr breaks down the process.

WINGING IT IN MOTOWN: A thorough debunking of the “runaway salaries” myth.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: John Imossi lists five reasons the NY Islanders future is in Brooklyn.

Former NHL enforcer Parker talks about life after hockey.

MILE HIGH HOCKEY: Brett Shumway has a fascinating two-part interview with former Avalanche enforcer Scott Parker, who seems to be doing quite well for himself away from the hockey world.

DOWN GOES BROWN: The NHL owners “other” leaked CBA demands. Here’s a taste:

“The league and its players must work together to come up with new revenue streams that could add millions of dollars to the league’s bottom line, such as having Cam Janssen bring a swear jar to all his radio interviews.”

BACKHAND SHELF: Dustin Penner smacks down the unfunny Conan O’Brien. The verbal equivalent of this.