Proposing a luxury tax in next NHL CBA, supporting the NHL owners, a call for more offer sheets,a Bruins fan on Tim Thomas’ personal opinions, a look at several promising Panthers, and a “Great Obscure Moment in  Leafs History”.

OVERTIME: Richard Pollock suggests the addition of a luxury tax in the next NHL CBA. It remains to be seen if the NHLPA will include this as part of their upcoming counter-proposal to the league, but if they do, you can bet the league will shoot it down. The big market free-spenders don’t want it any more than they want a better system of revenue sharing.

VINTAGE LEAFS MEMORIES: Michael Langlois on why he tends to supports the owners in collective  bargaining. Nothing wrong with that, though I’d find it increasing difficult to support a group that keeps screwing up every supposed “slam-dunk” win for them.

PUCK DADDY: Ryan Lambert wants to see more offer sheets in the NHL. I doubt he’ll get his wish.

Thomas’ personal opinions continue to baffle and enrage hockey fans.

IT’S A NEUTRAL ZONE TRAP: A Bruins fan offers up their opinion on Tim Thomas, separating their appreciation for what he did for the Bruins with dismay over he does off the ice.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Adam Stafki looks at several promising young players who could blossom into stars for the Florida Panthers.

DOWN GOES BROWN: In today’s installment of “Great Obscure Moments in Leafs History”:  the time when former Leafs coach Pat Quinn screwed up his lineup guard during a playoff game. Good times…