Latest on Alexander Semin, Shea Weber, Shane Doan, and Jonathan Bernier, plus an updates on the Senators.

SI.COM: Stu Hackel examines why Alexander Semin remains unsigned despite his offensive skills.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s been considerable “pushback” on the blogosphere in defense of Semin, but the opinion he’s a lazy, selfish player persists among NHL GMs, and theirs is the one that matters, regardless of what fans or pundits believe. If Semin wants to play in the NHL this season, he’ll have to accept a short term deal (one or two years) for less than he earned with the Capitals, and try to silence his critics.

Offer sheet for Weber unlikely.

SLAM! SPORTS: The Nashville Predators are likely to match any offer sheet for captain Shea Weber.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Weber were to receive an offer sheet, I suspect it would’ve happened by now. It’s still possible a rival team could send him one, but given how rarely this tactic is used, its lack of success, and the uncertainty over what will be contained in the next CBA, I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting it.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports the Coyotes are content to wait for captain Shane Doan, but it has somewhat paused their other plans. They would like to add one or two more proven forwards to bolster their offense.

OTTAWA SUN: LA Kings backup goalie Jonathan Bernier told TVA Sports he expects the club to meet his trade demands before the start of training camp.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma suggests a Bernier trade would put the Kings in the market for a backup, potentially taking away an option from the Canucks, who could look toward the already thin free agency for a backup for Cory Schneider once Roberto Luongo is dealt.

LA KINGS INSIDER: Rich Hammond reports Bernier’s opinion and expectation doesn’t jibe with reality. Hammond feels the Kings would move Bernier if they can get a good return, otherwise they’ll bring him back this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The automatic assumption is the Toronto Maple Leafs might be interested, but if we go by GM Brian Burke’s statement he doesn’t want to bring in an unproven goalie, then Bernier won’t be coming to Toronto.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan reports the Senators are in the market for a replacement for departed tough guy Zenon Kenopka, possibly via trade given the lack of depth in the UFA market.