A report offers a glowing future for the Winnipeg Jets, P.K. Subban’s off-season nutrition plan, how Curtis Glencross spent his off-season, and the Canucks re-sign goaltender Eddie Lack.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Conference Board of Canada recently released a report suggesting the Jets future in Winnipeg looks “rosy”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The report came with a caveat, suggesting another plunge in the value of the Canadian dollar could have serious consequences, something I’ve suggested as well since Winnipeg regained an NHL franchise. Look, I sincerely hope the Jets have a long, bright, healthy future in Winnipeg. I don’t ever want to see Winnipeggers lose another franchise, and I certainly hope that report pans out. That being said, it was only a decade ago the Canadian dollar was worth .64 cents US, prompting some Canadian economists to suggest adopting the American dollar, and forcing the NHL to adopt a revenue-sharing plan to assist struggling Canadian teams. Things change over time, and another future plunge in the value of the “loonie” would be felt all Canadian-based franchises, with the smaller markets feeling it the most.

CANOE.CA: Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban shares his off-season nutrition plan.

Glencross at home on the range.

CALGARY SUN: Flames forward Curtis Glencross spent the summer herding cattle at his father-in-law’s ranch.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks re-signed goaltender Eddie Lack to a two-year contract, which is a two way deal for the first season and a one way deal for the second. He’ll earn $650K at the NHL level in year one and $850K in year two.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been suggested this signing indicates a trade of Roberto Luongo is imminent. Don’t believe it. There’s a reason Lack has a two-way deal for the first year, as it could take some time for the Canucks to move Luongo.