The latest linking the Penguins to Shane Doan and Bobby Ryan. 

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: JP Finlay speculated over the possibility of Shane Doan signing with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Should the Penguins pursue Bobby Ryan?

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW’s Josh Yohe suggested via Twitter “If the Pens have any interest in Bobby Ryan, now might be the time to strike. Philly wants him but has to concentrate on D, I’d think.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins have nearly $10 million in available cap space, more than enough to sign Doan for even as much as $7.5 million per season, the rumored amount per season he received from an unnamed Eastern Conference club. The Ottawa Sun recently reported the Pens were rumored about to offer up $6 million per season for Doan.

The question is, are they willing to commit that much – or more – for four years on a player who’ll turn 36 in October in the hope  he’ll maintain his level of performance playing alongside Crosby or Malkin? It would certainly be a gamble over the long-term, but if it worked out for at least two seasons, would provide the Penguins with an extra measure of physical offense, experience and leadership which could make them a serious Cup contender.

Of course, that depends on the status of the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes, for if it finally goes through to the Jamison group, Doan is expected to re-sign with them.

As for Ryan, it’s rumored the Ducks would want a skilled, proven young defenseman as part of the return, which the Penguins don’t have to spare. They’re not trading Kris Letang, and I doubt very much the Ducks would be interested in Paul Martin.