Commentaries on a possible NHL lockout, why the Flames won’t trade Jay Bouwmeester, and the bright future of the LA Kings.

BACKHAND SHELF: Ellen Etchingham on the unrequited love hockey fans feel for the game, particularly the NHL game, and the utter futility we all feel with another potential lockout on the horizon.

ON THE FORECHECK: Dirk Hoag looks into what will happen with your payments for NHL Center Ice in the event of a lockout.

LAST WORD ON SPORTS: Maksim Vasilyev presents five good and bad things about a possible lockout.

BROAD STREET BUZZ: John LaMarra believes it a little hasty for the NHLPA to start considering a “Plan B” if there’s a lockout when “Plan A” – avoiding a lockout – hasn’t been fully explored yet.

CANUCKS ARMY: JP Nikota looks back at the 1992 NHL players strike, comparing the circumstances leading up to it with those leading up to the expiration of the current NHL CBA.

MATCHSTICKS AND GASOLINE: Mitch Smith with several good reasons why Jay Bouwmeester likely won’t be traded by the Calgary Flames.

NHLNUMBERS.COM: Examining what appears a bright future for the Los Angeles Kings.