More analysis of the current NHL CBA negotiations. Hey, why should the pundits have all the fun?

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: examines how the big market NHL teams uses the CBA to maximize profits and bankrupt small market teams. A thoughtful analysis of the situation which is well worth checking out. I believe the following neatly sums up the NHL’s proposal:

“While the new rules proposed by the NHL may provide some modicum of increased competitive balance for the small market teams, they’re primarily intended to eliminate the union’s power and put the players at the mercy of the club which drafts them. These proposals don’t fix the underlying economic issues of the small markets in any way, but they do give team management as a whole an increased toolkit to control players’ careers.”

BACKHAND SHELF: Cam Charron explains the pointlessness of establishing a rival league, while Justin Bourne looks back on the 2004-05 lockout, when NHL players like Jason Spezza, Scott Gomez, Erik Cole and Mike York dominated the leagues they played in at the time.

HOCKEY WILDERNESS: “BReynolds” wonders if the fans actually matter in the CBA negotiations.

HOCKEY INDEPENDENT: Cris Cohen suggests it might be a good idea for players to accept a smaller share of HRR if it might help save struggling franchises.

LIGHTHOUSE HOCKEY/THE CHECKING LINE: Mark D takes Sportsnet’s Michael Grange to task for an unnecessary cheap shot at the expense of the NY Islanders, while Rob McGowan looks at how a lockout could affect the Islanders.

SBNATION: John Marthaler has a tongue-in cheeck open letter to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman regarding another lockout.