More opinions on the NHL CBA negotiations, how some players can “cheat” their height and weight, and analysis of the Kings goaltending depth.

OFFSIDE: A SPORTS HOCKEY BLOG: Eric Macramalla points out the NHL players aren’t “partners” with the NHL, but are instead “employees”. Remember this whenever you hear the league talk about its “partnership” with the players.

 SBNATION: Cassie McClellan on the currently frozen state of NHL CBA negotiations.

Can these two sides reach agreement on a new CBA before mid-September?

MAPLE LEAFS HOT STOVE: Mislav Jantoljak looks back at some NHL salary and franchise value number from 2004 to the present.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Given the possibility of another NHL lockout, Scotty Wazz points out there’s other hockey leagues to follow in that event, such as the AHL.

THE PREDATORIAL: Jeremy Sargent shares his memories of the previous NHL lockout.

GRANTLAND.COM: Charles P. Pierce (back on July 23rd) wondered if the NHL and NFL lost their minds at the bargaining table.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne on “Cheating your height and weight in the program: a hockey player’s how-to”. None involve drugs, but one method involves over-eating on weigh-in day.

SUNBELT HOCKEY JOURNAL: Meesh Shanmugam examines the goaltending depth of the Los Angeles Kings.