Commentaries on a possible NHL lockout, developers for the Islanders arena, how the NHL-CHL agreement works, summer reading for hockey fans, analysis of an old time hockey video, and more!

PUCK DADDY: Ryan Lambert isn’t concerned about a possible NHL lockout, remaining hopeful there won’t be one, but if there is, it won’t last long. I share Lambert’s opinion on this. Honestly, I’m not worried about it, because things are so much different now compared to eight years ago, when we all knew a labor war between the NHL and NHLPA was coming. If a work stoppage happens, it won’t last anywhere near as long as the last one.

THE CHECKING LINE: Rob McGowan on the four developers applying to develop the Nassau Coliseum area.

STANLEY CUP OF CHOWDER: An in-depth examination of how the NHL-CHL agreement works.

HOCKEY INDEPENDENT: Cris Cohen recommends some notable books for the hockey fan’s summer reading list, including “Searching for Bobby Orr” and Ken Dryden’s “The Game”, which for me remains the best hockey book ever written.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne provides analysis of a 1939 film featuring the NY Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs, while Daniel Wagner has a list of actual hockey romance novels which could be used to induce vomiting.

 JEWELS FROM THE CROWN: A humorous take on the NHL’s 76,000 financial breakdown to the NHLPA. Here’s a taste:

Page 8,490: Cost to cut down the Dustin Penner National Forest (also known as his playoff beard).