The NHL CBA negotiations continue to be the topic of discussion among NHL bloggers, Shane Doan isn’t coming to Buffalo, and review of a book on the disappearance of NY Islanders 1984 first rounder Duncan MacPherson.

SHARK CIRCLE: Negotiating a new CBA shouldn’t be this difficult. Unfortunately, they are.

HOCKEY TRACKER: James Minger doesn’t want another lockout to rob him of his NHL addiction. None of us do.

THE LEAFS NATION: Danny Gray believes the passion of fans will ensure a shorter lockout this time. Oh, if only that were true.

FIVE MINUTES FOR FIGHTING: The Many Faces of Gary Bettman. I like the one that makes him look like a pirate.

DIE BY THE BLADE: Zachary Zielonka notes the Buffalo Sabres may have offered Shane Doan a ridiculously expensive contract, but he’s not coming to Buffalo.

LIGHTHOUSE HOCKEY: A review of “Cold A Long Time”, the story of the disappearance of 1984 NY Islanders first round pick Duncan MacPherson in Austria and the subsequent discovery of his body fourteen years later.