Reaction to the recent NHL-NHLPA CBA meetings, Ilya Kovalchuk talks about the CBA, a letter to Commissioner Bettman,the contributions of the Patrick family to the game, and more.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski on the fallout from the recent bout of NHL-NHLPA talks, where the league wants the players to give up more money, while the players would prefer not to do that. Dmitry Chesnokov, meanwhile, highlights the notable points from a recent interview with Ilya Kovalchuk regarding the CBA, playing in Russia and more.

CANUCKS CORNER: Tom Benjamin’s earlier cautious optimism has declined following the outcome of the recent unproductive CBA talks, as the league apparently is willing to endure another lockout to squeeze the players for more because they know the fans will return.

WINGING IT IN MOTOWN: Josh Howard has a very polite letter in response to Gary Bettman’s comments about how the NHL’s fans are the greatest in the world, which allowed the league to recover from the last lockout.

BACKHAND SHELF: Ellen Etchingham looks back one hundred years to the contributions of the Patrick family to hockey, especially starting up a professional league on the West Coast.

MC79HOCKEY: Tyler Dellow takes pundits Jim Matheson and Mark Spector to the woodshed.