The effect of this CBA on forward salaries, a divisional realignment suggestion, determining if Jordan Staal or James van Riemsdyk will benefit more from a fresh start, five predictions for the Kings, lockout options for Lightning fans, what happens to a hockey player’s body over time, and more.

MC79HOCKEY: Tyler Dellow with a thorough examination of the effect of this CBA upon forwards salaries. Definitely worth checking out.

LITTER BOX CATS: Todd Little offers up a suggestion for NHL divisional realignment which would keep the Panthers with their American brethren.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne explains what happens to a hockey player’s body over time. Warning: ugly foot picture included!

Will Jordan Staal benefit from a fresh start?

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Stephen Stoneman examines whether Jordan Staal or James van Reimsdyk will benefit more from their respective fresh starts.

RAW CHARGE: Cassie McClellan suggests some hockey alternatives for Tampa Bay Lightning fans in the event of an NHL lockout.

SUNBELT HOCKEY JOURNAL: Eric Cooney with five “gut-feeling” predictions for the LA Kings.

DOWN GOES BROWN: A satirical take on the winners and losers of this NHL off-season.