The ongoing saga of the Phoenix Coyotes ownership, looking at how Seattle fits into the NHL, the ongoing mediocrity of the Calgary Flames, a reminder to Leafs management whose money they’re spending, John Tavares meets with Islanders season ticket holders, and an obscene country song about Shea Weber.

PUCK DADDY: Ryan Lambert isn’t surprised Greg Jamison doesn’t have enough capital to purchase and operate the Phoenix Coyotes, making him potentially the latest in a string of failed prospective owners for the team.

SBNATION: Cassie McClellan examines where Seattle might fit if the city gets an NHL franchise.

OVERTIME: Matt Reitz on the ongoing mediocrity of the Calgary Flames. You’ve gotta believe if this team fails to make the playoffs this season, there has to be a major overhaul, right?

VINTAGE LEAFS MEMORIES: Michael Langlois reminds Maple Leafs management whose money it is they’re spending. If you guessed it’s the fans money, give yourself a gold star!

Tavares keeps his promise to Isles season ticket holders.

HOCKEYBUZZ: Dee Karl on John Tavares’ keeping his promise to meet with NY Islanders season ticket holders. Tavares is committed to turning the Islanders into a serious playoff contender. Sure hope for his and the sake of Islanders fans his efforts won’t be for naught.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne stumbled across a country song about Shea Weber that has to be heard to be believed. Just don’t listen to it at work, or in polite company.