NHL offers expanded revenue sharing, league to renew Coyotes lease agreement by one month, Kyle Cumiskey hopes to cut ties with Ducks, more on the Islanders arena development plans, and a list of players with something to prove this season.

CBC.CA: The NHL has finished tabling its complete CBA proposal to the NHLPA, which apparently includes expanded revenue sharing. The PA, however, is still going over team financial reports (the first 76,000 pages were received on Monday night) and still isn’t ready to make its counter-proposal until it has thoroughly reviewed those reports and the league full offer. PA director Donald Fehr acknowledged the players  were “not enamored” by the league’s proposed limitations on contract lengths and a clause forcing them to wait longer to become UFAs, and wouldn’t say if he’s encouraged by the league’s revenue sharing proposal. He did, however, suggest September 15th, the date the current CBA expires, isn’t a “magic date”, saying if there’s no strike or lockout action, both sides would press on for a new deal. Commissioner Gary Bettman, meanwhile, said there’s “ample time” to get a deal in place.

PA still evaluating NHL’s full CBA proposal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Resist the temptation to harp on the PA for not making a counter-proposal yet. It’s taken nearly three weeks for the league to table its full initial proposal plus provide the PA with those requested team financial reports. I expect by mid-August we’ll see the PA’s counter-offer. I don’t doubt the players aren’t pleased with the notion of term limits on contracts and increasing the age of eligibility for UFA status, but in my opinion, those aren’t show-stoppers. The real sticking points are the players share of revenue, and the distribution of the league’s share. That the league is apparently willing to expand its revenue sharing is a promising sign, but it remains to be seen if it is a genuinely serious effort to improve its current system, or merely window dressing.  Both sides continue to express optimism and the tone remains courteous. How long that lasts could be determined over the course of this month.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: The NHL will renew its operating agreement for the Phoenix Coyotes arena for another month to allow more time for prospective owner Greg Jamison to put together the financing needed to purchase the team.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Defenseman Kyle Cumiskey received a one-year, two-way contract from an arbiter with the Anaheim Ducks, but he’s currently signed with MoDo of the Swedish Elite League and now hopes to cut ties with the Ducks, who took Cumiskey to arbitration to retain his rights after he rejected their qualifying offer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This one’s an interesting case which could be worth watching if the Ducks insist on retaining Cumiskey.

NEWSDAY: Four developers have now applied to become the master developer for the Nassau Coliseum-area project. The winning developer will be asked to negotiate with NY Islanders owner Charles Wang, who has said he won’t keep his team there beyond the 2015 expiration of their arena lease agreement.

SPORTSNET.CA: Mike Brophy listed several NHL players who’ll have something to prove this coming season. Among them: Alexander Ovechkin, Ryan Getzlaf, Duncan Keith, Rick Nash, and Paul Stastny.