The NHLPA offers concessions with its CBA counter-proposal, testimony given in lawsuit against Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray, the Red Wings working on re-signing Justin Abdelkader, and Ryan O’Reilly remains unsigned.

TSN.CA/CANADIAN PRESS: The NHLPA tabled its CBA counter-proposal to the NHL yesterday, which includes a willingness by the players to accept a reduced share of HRR, and seek enhanced revenue-sharing over a three-year period. The players didn’t seek to abolish the salary cap, but would prefer the current rules governing salaries, contract lengths and free agency remain intact. They also propose unlinking their salaries from revenue increases over that period, opting instead for a two percent increase in the first year, four percent in the second year, and six percent in the third.

NHLPA offers concessions in CBA counter-proposal.

KUKLA’S KORNER: George Malik compiled a series of ‘tweets’ from New York Post hockey writer Larry Brooks regarding the trading of cap space in the PA’s proposal, which would allow teams to go over the cap by $4 million or under the cap floor by the same amount, a limit on non-player spending, and eliminating team walkaway in arbitration.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited “tweets” by Sportsnet’s John Shannon regarding the proposed trading/selling of cap space. Shannon noted it was a “minor part” of the PA’s proposal and has very limited use, especially for teams in distress. He doubts the league will agree to that.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll have my detailed opinion on the PA’s proposal later this morning in my Soapbox, but overall this proposal is more reasonable than the hard-line initial offer of the league a month ago. No one expects the league to accept the PA’s offer, but I expect there will be points in it which the league will consider worth further negotiation. 

DETROIT NEWS: A Plymouth woman gave testimony yesterday in her lawsuit against Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray, in which she claims she was struck by a chair hurled by Murray following his team’s loss to the Detroit Red Wings in the 2009 playoffs.

MLIVE.COM: The Detroit Red Wings continue to work toward re-signing RFA forward Justin Abdelkader.

DENVER POST: Colorado Avalanche forward Ryan O’Reilly is still unsigned.