A KHL team targets Alexander Ovechkin, Brad Boyes hopes to regain his scoring touch with the Islanders, examining how previous NHL lockouts unfolded, and a poll of online Sun readers blame the league for current labor woes.

RIANOVOSTI: If there is another NHL lockout, GM Andrey Safronov of KHL team Dynamo acknowledged he would try to sign Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin . Safronov also noted the KHL’s rule allowing a maximum of five non-Russian players per team, saying his team was already at that limit.

If there’s a lockout, could Ovechkin play in the KHL?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In the event of another lockout, don’t be surprised if a number of Russian players consider playing in the KHL, especially if they’re allowed to return to their NHL teams if a lockout ended during this season. What’s also notable is that rule limiting KHL teams to five non-Russian players, which could hamper efforts of non-Russian NHLers trying to sign there.

NHL.COM: Brad Boyes, who signed with the NY Islanders this summer as an unrestricted free agent, is hoping to regain his scoring touch. His offensive production has been in steady decline since potting a career-best 43 goals in 2007-08 with the St. Louis Blues.

DETROIT FREE PRESS/TORONTO SUN: The Free Press examined how previous NHL lockouts unfolded, while the Sun noted the issues which led to the previous lockout and the aftermath.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I find it interesting that, in 1994, the league proposed a luxury tax, which the PA rejected. Ten years later, the PA proposed a luxury tax, which the league rejected.

TORONTO SUN: presents “A hockey fan’s guide to the NHL lockout”. Apart from the unfortunate headline (a lockout hasn’t happened yet), it’s still a good roundup of the issues. The Sun also published the results of an online poll, in which 62 percent of more than 6, 000 online readers blamed the NHL and Commissioner Gary Bettman for the current labor woes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: During the last two lockouts, the fans blamed the players. It’s clear at this stage the NHLPA is so far winning the PR battle. That could change,however, if a lengthy lockout occurs, and if the league tries to mount another massive PR campaign to curry public favor as it did during the last lockout. Speaking of Bettman, I’ll offer up my two cents on the commissioner on Monday, August 27, in my “Soapbox”.