A report out of Switzerland claimed Rick Nash and Joe Thornton would play again for HC Davos if there’s an NHL lockout. Their agents, however, say otherwise.

TSN.CA: New York Rangers winger Rick Nash and his agent, Joe Resnick, denied a report from Swiss sports network RTS Sports claiming Nash and San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton would play for HC Davos if there’s another NHL lockout this fall. The pair played for the team during the 2004-05 lockout.

No Swiss reunion planned for Nash and Thornton.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reports Joe Thornton’s brother John, who also acts as his agent, denied the Sharks captain has made plans to play in Switzerland in the event of a lockout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While I don’t doubt there will be some NHL players making plans for another European sojourn in the event of another lockout, it appears this time most could be holding off on doing so, as they seem committed toward getting a new CBA in place. We’ll see what transpires in the coming weeks. If we start seeing an increase in reports of NHL players inking contracts with European clubs next month, we can probably take that as a sign a lockout is a certainty.