The NHL may have gone dark, but Spector’s Hockey will carry on throughout the lockout.

In the days leading up to the current NHL lockout, several readers contacted me wondering what my plans were for this site if the league were to shut down.

Rest assured, folks, despite the lockout, Spector’s Hockey will carry on.

Granted, there will be little, if any, real trade or free agent rumors to post up. I know trade and free agent rumors are the main attraction of this site, and full expect a decline in my traffic, and ad revenue as a result, just like the last lockout.

For those who only visit this site for the rumors, I understand and won’t hold a grudge. Like the NHL, I know you’ll be back when the league returns to action. Unlike the NHL, I genuinely appreciate those who follow me, as you’re the reason I’m able to eke out a living via this site and my free-lance work.

Should any trade or free agent rumors pop up, I will as always duly note them, along with my assessment of their validity.

In the meantime, I’ll continue my morning tradition of posting up and commenting on the latest NHL headlines I find interesting, even if it’s nothing but boring old NHL labor news. I’ll try to keep it as brief and entertaining as possible.

I’ll keep tabs on what the locked out players are doing, particularly those playing in the AHL and in the European leagues.

The Canadian Corner will continue to be updated whenever there is news of note regarding Canadian-based NHL teams, and those players from their locked-out roster.

One section of my site I anticipate will be quite busy is my NHL Blog Beat, where I track and link the most interesting posts from bloggers around the NHL. The previous NHL lockout was the incubator for hockey bloggers, and I expect we’ll see plenty of entertaining, thought-provoking commentary throughout this lockout.

And of course, the old Soapbox will be updated at least twice a week, perhaps more, as I offer up my opinion on all things NHL, even if all there is to opine over is the CBA standoff between owners and players.

For those of you worried about how I’ll sustain my livelihood during this period, I truly appreciate your concern. I’ve made contingency plans, and barring the unforeseen, shouldn’t have any problem paying my bills over the course of this lockout. As always, your support by clicking the ads on this site will certainly help in that regard.

Anyway, I’ll be here daily, except for the occasional holiday (Canadian thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas – if it goes that long). And I hope you’ll keep popping in, and offer up your opinions – whether you agree or disagree with me – about all of this in the comments sections. I love to hear from you.

We’re all in this together, gang, so let’s try to make the most of it. I’m not going anywhere. Hopefully, most of you will stick around, too.


Lyle Richardson

Spector’s Hockey