The death of the NHL free market, more delving into how forward salaries have changed since the last lockout, how a delayed start to the season might help the Dallas Stars, Lubomir Visnovsky’s arbitration hearing set for Tuesday, remembering reaction to the first game of the Summit Series, & Absurd Goalie Monday.

BACKHAND SHELF: Cam Charron on how the NHL’s free market system has changed since the last lockout.

MC79HOCKEY.COM: Tyler Dellow with a further investigation into how forward salaries have changed since the previous lockout, focusing upon age this time.

DEFENDING BIG D: Jeff Angus explores how a delayed start to this season might benefit the Dallas Stars.

Will Visnovsky remain an Islander, or return to the Ducks?

THE CHECKING LINE: Rob McGowan reminds us Lubormir Visnovsky’s arbitration hearing is set for Tuesday.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier looks back on the reaction to the Soviet National Team’s shocking 7-3 defeat of Team Canada in the opening game of the 1972 Summit Series.

 THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz with another edition of “Absurd Goalie Monday”. Today: former LA Kings netminder Mario Lessard.