More NHL CBA/pending lockout chatter, state of the Red Wings, Al Montoya’s angry mask, things you didn’t know about the ’72 Summit Series, and of course, Absurd Goalie Monday.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski on why NHL teams lose money and why a lockout won’t change that (including links to my current Soapbox series examining the factors behind the losses of those 18 NHL clubs in the red in 2010-11. Cheers, Greg!)

HOCKEY WILDERNESS: Analysis of the NHLPA’s efforts to use Canadian provincial labour laws to try to prevent Canadian NHL teams from locking out their players. A plan so crazy, it just might work! Well, mebbe only in Quebec….

ST. LOUIS GAME TIME: Six groups for whom an NHL lockout would really, really suck.

WINGING IT IN MOTOWN: State of the 2012-13 Red Wings, as of September 10. The Wings have been better, but they’re still a playoff team.

Montoya’s New Mask.

ARCTIC ICE HOCKEY: Check out the new mask of new Jets backup Al Montoya. Unleash the anger!

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier with his continuing series on the 1972 Summit Series. In today’s edition, some interesting facts you might not have known about the series, such as the Maple Leafs discovering future Hall of Fame defenseman Borje Salming during Team Canada’s two-game exhibition series in Sweden prior to going on to Moscow for the remaining four games of the series. Another fun fact: Canada’s trainer was an American, while the Soviets trainer was a Canadian.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: It’s Monday, and that means another installment of Scotty Wazz’s “Absurd Goalie Monday”. This week: Carl Wetzel.