More CBA analysis, an opinion regarding the squabble over a new arena in Edmonton, NBC Sports Network’s broadcast plan in event of an NHL lockout, and “live blogging” Games Two of the 1987 Canada Cup Final.

DEFENDING BIG D: Brandon Worley on “How The Prisoner’s Dilemma Applies to CBA Negotiations”.

DIE BY THE BLADE: Some suitable hockey alternatives for Buffalo fans in the event of an NHL lockout.

NHLNUMBERS.COM: Part One in a series examining the winners and losers under the current NHL CBA.

THE COPPER & BLUE: Calling upon the Edmonton city council to call the bluff of the Katz Group as it seeks a better arena deal.

PUCK THE MEDIA: Steve Lepore recently reported the NBC Sports Network intends to beef up US college hockey coverage if there’s an NHL lockout.

BACKHAND SHELF: Jake Goldsbie “live blogs” Game Two of the 1987 Canada Cup Final. Justin Bourne, meanwhile, doesn’t doubt there are some NHL players (like the lowest paid) willing to accept the league’s latest CBA offer.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scott Wazz presents the latest in his series, “Better Know A Minor League”. Today, the Central Hockey League.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier has an “NHL Lockout Challenge”, encouraging NHL fans to get out and enjoy other levels of hockey if there’s an NHL lockout.