As the latest NHL lockout commences, read reaction from bloggers around the league.

BERGERBYTES: Howard Berger spoke with a well-known NHL owner, who told Berger (under condition of anonymity) he and his fellow owners are prepared to shut the league down again for another season if that’s what it takes to get concessions from the players. Oh goody….

Devils GM Lou Lamoriello’s signing of Ilya Kovalchuk was one of several expensive contracts under previous NHL CBA.

BACKHAND SHELF: Ellen Etchingham looks back on some of the notable follies committed by NHL owners and GMs under the previous CBA, while Cam Charron explains why this lockout has nothing to do with hockey.

THE STRANGEST ONE  OF ALL: Scotty Wazz offers up his opinion on the latest lockout, and has the latest installment of “Absurd Goalie Monday“.

THE COPPER & BLUE: Derek Zona points out the owners of NHL teams aren’t exactly hurting for cash.

LAST WORD ON SPORTS: Were the last minute NHL contract signings hypocrisy, or smart business?

 HOCKEY WILDERNESS: The pros of an NHL lockout. Always look on the bright side of life….

 FIGHTING FOR STANLEY: Jeremy Wiebe lists five potential start dates for the NHL following a lockout. The earlier, the better.

MILE HIGH HOCKEY: Sandie Gauthier reminds those with Game Center Live and Center Ice packages that they renew automatically.

 RANTS AND RAVES: Comparing the public reaction to the NHL lockout to that of the recent public service wage cuts and layoffs in Canada.

HOCKEY TEAM FINDER: A nifty tool to other hockey alternatives in or near your hometown.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski with a host of NHL lockout protest song videos.