Among today’s collection of notable posts from the NHL blogosphere: plenty of reaction regarding the dispute between Oilers ownership and the city of Edmonton over a new arena deal, more lockout analysis, the lockout claims its first blogging casualties, and some much-needed lockout satire.

PUCK DADDY/BACKHAND SHELF: Harrison Mooney and Daniel Wagner weigh in on the ham-handed efforts of Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz to squeeze the Edmonton city council into giving him more money in an arena deal with his non-too-subtle threat of relocation to another market, like Seattle.

Dispute over new arena for the Oilers a hot topic on the NHL blogosphere.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz also offers up his opinion, pointing out if the Oilers actually did leave Edmonton, it would be a huge hit for the city and the NHL, as well as upsetting fans in cities with franchises once thought untouchable.

 MC79HOCKEY: Tyler Dellow picks apart the myth Katz has “the worst arena deal in hockey” at Rexall Place. He doesn’t. Far from it.

THE COPPER & BLUE: It’s the city of Edmonton, not Katz, which has the leverage in this arena deal dispute.

OIL ON WHYTE: Jeffrey Chapman accuses the Katz group of fear mongering.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve noted elsewhere, all Katz has succeeded in doing is pissing off one of the most devoted fan bases in the league, making himself look like an ass in the process. The Oilers aren’t a struggling, money-losing franchise, but rather one of the most consistent money-makers in the league since the lockout. Moving them would be one of the stupidest moves in professional sports, and wherever they went, they won’t make nearly as much money as they would’ve for Katz had they remained in Edmonton. As much as we question the sanity of the NHL owners and Board of Governors for waging yet another labor battle with their players, even I don’t believe they’re that idiotic and insane.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski wonders if the players are deluding themselves believing they can win a waiting game with the owners. Unless they’re willing to miss two complete consecutive seasons, yes, they are deluding themselves.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Mark Ritter suggests contraction, rather than revenue-sharing, is the best solution to address the NHL’s money-losing franchises. I agree, but the reality is the league won’t consider that option, and since relocation is off the table, revenue-sharing is the best alternative (short of draconian reductions to the players share of HRR, which won’t happen) to addressing the problem.

THE BATTLE OF CALIFORNIA: The NHL lockout claims (kinda, sorta) two long-time hockey bloggers, as Earl Sleek and Rudy Kelly are packing it on December 21, 2012, following the Mayan calendar. Nice touch of whimsy in that, but they’re going to be missed.

DOWN GOES BROWN: Other ways that NHL teams are cutting costs during the lockout. Some much-needed satire for a depressing time.

PUCK DADDY: Presents: “Lockout Man”. More much-needed and appreciate satire at the expense of the NHL lockout, because if we don’t laugh, we’ll run amok in our own way… or curl up into the fetal position under our desks….or find other alternatives to the NHL.