Among today’s collection of notable posts from around the NHL blogosphere: Wondering if the NHLPA will push for fines over suspensions in new CBA, an open letter to hockey fans, David Booth’s hunting pics upset some fans, beware of overpriced forwards in your cap league, and “50 Shades of Milbury”.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski writes the NHLPA could push for stiffer fines over suspensions in the next CBA, while Dmitry Chesnokov unravels the tangled mess that is Nail Yakupov’s international transfer card fiasco.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Chris Wassel has an open letter to a hockey fan, warning them not to expect public pressure to force the NHL and NHLPA to reach an agreement on a new CBA.

Booth’s hunting exploits has upset some hockey fans.

NUCK MISCONDUCT: Sean Zandberg notes David Booth’s hunting pictures are upsetting some fans, but Zandberg is more interested in Booth’s on-ice performance.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as Booth is hunting legally, and is doing it for more than just “trophy-hunting”, he doesn’t deserve the criticism. I grew up in rural Nova Scotia, where folks regularly hunt deer, moose, rabbits and ducks for food, so I don’t have any problem with Booth being a hunter.

Taking down an elk with a bow is considerably more difficult than doing so with a rifle and thus more sporting, plus you can use most of the elk for food and pelts as well as keep the head and/or antlers for a trophy.

“Bear-baiting”, which Booth took part in earlier this year, may be legal in Alberta, but I frown on that as it’s not sporting, and few people hunt bear for food. 

Booth isn’t torturing animals or breaking any laws. He’s a hunter, as are millions of people throughout North America and around the world, and enjoys it. If you don’t like his hunting pictures, don’t look at them. No one’s forcing you to do that.

PUCK THE MEDIA: Steve Lepore reports 50 US college hockey games will be televised nationally on American networks.

DOBBER HOCKEY: Eric Daoust has some advice for those of you playing in cap fantasy leagues: beware of over-priced forwards.

LIGHTHOUSE HOCKEY: “Lockout Literature Presents: An excerpt from “50 Shades of Milbury”.