Among this morning’s roundup of notable NHL lockout headlines: Red Wings senior VP fined by the league, NHL and PA slated to meet this week to talk HRR, an accountant voice skepticism over the NHL’s supposed financial losses, and a rough guide to the European leagues.

YAHOO.COM: Detroit Red Wings seniro VP Jimmy Devellano was fined $250K by the NHL for voicing his opinion on the lockout during a recent interview. The report also noted Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula received a warning from the league after hinting his club might lose draft picks if he spoke about the lockout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Whether or not you agreed with Devellano’s comments, it was refreshing to hear someone from the ownership side offering up their true opinion of the situation. Unfortunately for him,  Bettman and his cabal of influential owners rule with an iron fist, and no one is permitted to speak out of turn. The NHLPA has no gag order on its membership, but team owners or those of their front office staff risk stiff penalties for speaking freely.

TSN.CA: The NHL and NHLPA are scheduled to meet in Toronto Monday to finalize last season’s hockey-related revenue, including escrow payments for players. Both sides are reportedly hopeful CBA negotiations will resume shortly thereafter.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks calls for “the moderate and progressive wings of the NHL Board of Governors to reclaim their league from the extremists” setting the CBA agenda.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t expect to see that during the course of this season. I believe all the members of the BoG are prepared to lose another season to bring the player to heel. The only way I see the “moderates and progressives” stepping up is if the players don’t break, threatening the possibility of the lockout stretching into a second consecutive season. One season, I can see the owners willing to lose. Two? I have my doubts.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: David Ebner recently interviewed forensic accountant Al Rosen, who doubts the NHL in its entirety is losing money.

NEW YORK TIMES: Jeff Z. Klein has a helpful guide to the European hockey leagues.

Nash & Thornton (seen here in 2004-05) had an impressive debut with HC Davos.

PUCK DADDY: Rick Nash had a hat trick and Joe Thornton netted four points in their debut with HC Davos. Also, Alexander Ovechkin had an impressive physical debut in the KHL on Thursday.

THE TENNESSEAN: Former Nashville Predators forward J.P. Dumont, who spent last season with Bern of the Swiss League, is hoping to make an NHL comeback whenever the lockout ends.

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Michael Frolik became the first member of the Blackhawks to sign with a European club.

LA KINGS INSIDER: The complete list of names from the LA Kings engraved on the Stanley Cup.

NATIONAL POST: Team Canada 72 got a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame.