With the NHL CBA expiring at midnight tonight, there’s no sign of any last minute deal. Read on for the latest CBA news (if you dare!).


The NHL CBA expires at midnight tonight.

NATIONAL POST: Bruce Arthur on how the current NHL lockout stalemate was seven years in the making, stretching back to the end of the previous one.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun on the rules governing the locked-out players, including movement, injuries, salaries, use of training facilities and more.

THE DENVER POST: Everything you need to know about the NHL lockout, but was afraid to ask. Or just don’t care to know.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Sean Gordon and James Mirtle lists reasons why the lockout could be a short one and why it could be another season-killer. Something for optimists and pessimists.

SPORTSNET.CA: Nick Kypreos wonders if the players are ready to stand tough this time? They’d better be, or else the deal they get if they capitulate again could be much worse than what they could’ve gotten now.

THE TENNESSEAN: Nashville Mayor Karl Dean implores the two sides in this dispute  to think of the impact a lockout will have upon local businesses and others which rely on NHL teams, like the Predators, for a living. I daresay his view is shared by many mayors in other NHL cities.

TORONTO SUN: Chris Stevenson points out while NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is claiming the team owners can’t afford to pay the players what they’re currently paying them, over $100 million in player contracts were signed yesterday by teams hoping to beat the expiration date of the current CBA. Remind me again how this isn’t hypocritical? Oh, right, those team owners are merely trying to build and maintain competitive rosters.  Excuse me, my bullshit detector just went off…

CBC SPORTS: The Quebec Labour Board rejected the NHLPA’s attempt to file an injunction to stop the looming lockout in that province (preventing the Montreal Canadiens from locking out its players), but a full hearing regarding the legality of the lockout  in Quebec will be held in a few weeks.

TORONTO STAR: The NHLPA is pitching the idea of a Canada-Russia hockey series if there is a lockout.

NHL.COM: The Nashville Predators yesterday re-signed forward Gabriel Bourque to a two-year contract worth $1.55 million.