Latest NHL CBA meetings break off with no progress made, a lockout might benefit Derek Roy, the Predators lose their charter flight, Wade Belak remembered, and NHL great Phil Esposito opens his home to his late daughter’s son.

TSN.CA/CANADIAN PRESS: The latest round of NHL CBA talks broke off after ninety minutes yesterday  with no progress made, and no further talks scheduled for the immediate future. NHLPA director Donald Fehr claimed the team owners requested a recess and added the PA was willing to continue negotiations. League commissioner Gary Bettman accused the NHLPA of stonewalling, as their counter to the league’s recent proposal was essentially just a rehash of their initial three-year (with a one year option) counter-proposal in early August.

NHL.COM’s Dan Rosen reported via Twitter “Gist of today: PA proposed refining 4th year of its initial proposal; NHL wants to deal with economics in Year 1 before Year 4. Talks stalled.”

TSN’s Aaron Ward reported via Twitter: “Players indicating NHL 1st CBA proposal looked to reduce player salaries by 24%, 2nd proposal by 19.3%.Reason for NHLPA counter today.” His colleague, Darren Dreger, offered up the following: “As ominous as things may seem, the real negotiating won’t start for either the NHL or PA until or around Sept 10.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dreger’s right, of course, but that hasn’t allayed the gloom which settled upon NHL followers, especially on Twitter, in the wake of the breakdown in yesterday’s negotiations. The key sticking points remain definition of HRR and its distribution, plus which side – players or big money teams – carries the freight for revenue sharing. For now, I doubt we’ll hear of any further formal negotiations next week.

A lockout would allow Roy more time to recover from off-season surgery.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: A lockout could benefit new Stars center Derek Roy, allowing him more team to fully recovery from off-season shoulder surgery. Roy is expected to be sidelined until November.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Roy wouldn’t be the only player in that situation. Allowing injured players more time to recover would be one of the few benefits of a lockout.

THE TENNESSEAN: The Nashville Predators have lost their charter air service, forcing the club to seek alternate arrangements.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there’s a lockout, it’ll give the Predators more time to find a suitable replacement. Hey, another advantage of an NHL lockout!

NATIONAL POST: Yesterday (August 31) was the one-year anniversary of Wade Belak’s death.

TAMPABAY.COM: Former NHL star and Lightning GM/president Phil Esposito and his wife have opened their home to the 19-year-old son of his late daughter, Carrie.